I want this sh!t forever- wake up and smell the garden

 “The warrior of the light embraces his passions and enjoys them intensely.
He knows that there is no need to renounce the pleasures of conquest; they are part of life and bring joy to all those who participate in them.” Paulo Coelho

Edgartown real estate for the rich and famous, you can’t live with us. People say “dream big.” Well I’m a dreamer.. nothing is out of reach, you just have to reach higher. White picket fences standing guard, separating you from your desired future. Teasing you, making you work for it. Living the American dream, living the dream, living. You won’t stop, because you can’t stop.. the fire burns so bright from within that Leo heart of yours. Admiring the beauty of Edgartown, and patiently waiting and working.


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