You want me down on earth, but I am up in space


You cry, but it’s as though we always cheered- I am dancing amongst the stars. I am the milky way. Don’t doubt it, darling. I am the beauty, the laughter, the joy of everyday. For I am what I was destined to be.. I am an angel of the heavens. Bouncing.. hopping… galavanting from cloud to cloud. You cannot see me, but I am here. Forever dancing amongst the stars, the kind of forever that never sets. Don’t cry, for now I am dancing.





  1. tomavery1221

    A Polynesian song written for for a son who died says, “Thou art a moon that will not rise again…” That expresses the sadness for the loss of someone who died before he should have. What you wrote says the other part, that Dasha (and your connection to her, the part of the world that was the two of you) will always be there dancing and will always be a part of the beauty you see in this world. I am so happy that you are coming to this understanding. I feel that way too. I love you. Pop

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