The rising anchor

The days began to get longer and the sun was shining brighter, but she was still floundering like a fish.. she was sailing in the Bermuda Triangle. It was as though her anchor was stuck down. There was an uncertainty that demanded an escape, an escape far off into the distance. She needed to set sail. An adventure to a place where there was no fear, no evilness, a place itself of uncertainty. It was merely a place. A place that allowed her soul to dance freely, and her feet to wander bare. It was a place where laughter and happiness were as plentiful as the grains of sand amongst the shore. Where ice-cream shops lined the streets, flowers blossomed brightly, and everything had a sunny pastel hue. It was merely a place, but for her it might as well have been the land of milk and honey. It was her happy place. And for the first time in a long time she was certain, she was ready to put her anchor down and stay awhile.



Sweater~ Wildfox Couture
Denim Shorts~ Calvin Klein

Photos by Laura



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