The eye of the needle

It was fall, I hadn’t seen you for awhile. It was fall, it was like no time had passed. You came over with frozen drinks and a big blanket. We walked Winnie over to Wash Park, and set up a spot looking out over the lake. We caught each other up with all of the things filling our daily lives… laughed, and made plans for the future. We always were making plans, we had big dreams, and many places to see. There were high-schoolers drinking under the street lights just up the hill.. and when flashing lights came to disperse them, we laughed- as it was all quite familiar to our past. And just as we came, we went. We sat at my house for a while and talked, then I hugged you goodbye and replied I love you too. Then you went.

I wish I could remember that night more clearly, it was our last night together. Even though some of the details are faded, I cannot deny the feeling it gave me to be with you, and that’s what I remember most about that night.




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