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Santa Fe art

Art is everywhere in Santa Fe, you cannot go steps without seeing something that catches your eye. Beauty surrounds you here, art is to Santa Fe, what water is to our bodies. In fact when imagining Santa Fe, I immediately recall the beautiful colors, the simplicity, and the culture. I do not believe one could travel to Santa Fe, and leave uninspired.

My Mum and I started our day off at the Georgia O’Keeffe ┬ámuseum. She is arguably the best known artist of Santa Fe, and I love the sexuality she expressed throughout most of her work, particularly the earlier pieces. After the museum we grabbed a bite to eat at a lovely French restaurant, with fresh baked baguettes. And then it was off to Canyon Road~ a road dedicated to art galleries.

In all honesty, it is quite a lot to take in, in just a day. The beauty is almost overwhelming, as your eyes dance from one piece of art to the next.  Santa Fe is simply sensational.