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Wash park in the winter

Growing up next to Washington Park in Denver, has been such a blessing. Each season brings a new beauty. This is a simple stand alone shot I took this January. I may add more to this post, we will see.




2014 in a nutshell

This year…. I plan to graduate university. As a present to myself I will take a gap year- traveling and building my portfolio (this time from behind the lens.) I will continue to focus on working my way into the yachting industry.

I am looking forward to spending part of my summer back East, embracing the loveliness of the Vineyard.

My main resolution for this year is to get in better shape. Keeping up with running, as well as adding yoga and bootcamp classes to the routine.

Wishing you all a wonderful, happy 2014!




There always is that particular fear hiding in the back of my mind, of bursting into flames when entering a church. It doesn’t bother me really, as I’m not one for believing much in urban myths or any particular religion. Although it does cross my imagination. And often the soundtrack of my life tunes to Billy Joel’s “Only the Good Die Young,” and I remind myself that “I would rather laugh with the sinners, than cry with the saints-  sinners are much more fun.”

With that being said, I have visited El Santuario de Chimayo the past two Thanksgivings. There is something very special, some may say sacred, about the grounds and church. Hidden in the desert outside of Santa Fe, Chimayo offers charm and comfort to its visitors.

This shrine, is of the Roman Catholic religion, and features hand carved doors, large wooden beams, a hand carved and painted alter, carved pews, and a simple stone floor. There is a small room to the left of the alter called ‘el pocito’ where a small pit is dug in the center of the room- this is the source of what is believed to be tierra bendita (‘holy dirt’), believed to have provided healing (both emotional and physical) to it’s visitors.

Just outside of the small room is a corridor of crutches, postcards, photographs, letters, and other testimonies to the power of the tierra bendita.

*Unfortunately, I wasn’t allowed to take photos in the church* These are simply snapshots, taken from my phone- and they don’t do Chimayo justice, but can offer you an idea to the magic tucked between the mountains.



Santa Fe art

Art is everywhere in Santa Fe, you cannot go steps without seeing something that catches your eye. Beauty surrounds you here, art is to Santa Fe, what water is to our bodies. In fact when imagining Santa Fe, I immediately recall the beautiful colors, the simplicity, and the culture. I do not believe one could travel to Santa Fe, and leave uninspired.

My Mum and I started our day off at the Georgia O’Keeffe  museum. She is arguably the best known artist of Santa Fe, and I love the sexuality she expressed throughout most of her work, particularly the earlier pieces. After the museum we grabbed a bite to eat at a lovely French restaurant, with fresh baked baguettes. And then it was off to Canyon Road~ a road dedicated to art galleries.

In all honesty, it is quite a lot to take in, in just a day. The beauty is almost overwhelming, as your eyes dance from one piece of art to the next.  Santa Fe is simply sensational.