About ME, Dil!

I am your typical Leo (August 18).. a born leader and entertainer, I am creative and loyal, with the “heart of a lion” -and proud of it. I spend my days taking photographs, playing in second-hand stores, and dreaming of sailing away on a yacht. I just spent the summer in Martha’s Vineyard working for Eastern Yacht Sales, I’m a Denver native and reside here during the year for Uni (only one year left!!!). I am blessed to have traveled the globe both for fun and as a model. This blog will show my photography, my personal style- which is quite eclectic, as well as adventures- past and present. Enjoy!




  1. Ameer Mohammed AL-Eidi

    I impressed about what you wrote. Mrs. Dil. Your blog is very awesome. I enjoyed when I read it. Really it was nice and simple and there were some word touched my soul. lastly, I want you keeeeeeeep going. Best Wishes, @ameeraleidi

  2. whocouldknowthen

    oohh, second hand stores, i never have enough time to spend as much time as i want, wandering the aisles. at least half of what my partner and i own, are second hand store treasures. just thought i’d visit a bit to thank you for liking so many of my poems today, encouragement is always really appreciated. *smiles*

  3. Ryan

    No other dream excist for me. It’s always been sailing the world. I grew up in Belmont Ma but summered in NH (great second hand stores, yards, barns, you name it)near Sunapee. Also have family and friends on the vineyard. Ive been in Denver for awhile.
    We do have some amazing goodwill stores. However I need the ocean under quite sail heading off to rummage through the world. I want to see everything!!

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